Vocal typemale
Vocal languageEnglish
Is explicitYes
Key signaturecMinor

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Oo Eyyy Verse 1 (Ayotemi) Sound like swish it’s wet She thick like my rolodex Look at my life I’m blessed I bought a crib out west (Amen) I just be cashing checks I got some diamonds on my chest Hold my peace let go my stress I can feel a wave it’s coming Big siced Praying more life Pray your loved ones get some money For the one time We’ll be alright Chorus If I don’t love my life it don't mean Nuffin x2 Verse 2 (Assante) Now I don look at the tech Enemies coming in tandem All like who is that Why would I fight with a random Just when I’m peaking like this You come in speaking like that You never care bout’ the facts Probably cuz you never ask I bring you 50 you taking it down like shit don’t matter Try to dismiss it I look at you now the shit don’t add up Verse 3 (Ayotemi) I know that when I stopped worrying bout’ bullshit the fame came faster Feel like I’m ready Hold it steady Perfect aim Ball in a different lane Still I ain’t catch no sprain My whole gang we T’d up We got holy water by the liter I feel like the Prince like I’m Vegeta Got the drip just check by my demeanor I feel it coming Day by Day I don't waste no time I just make my way I’m gon’ rock a smile while I blaze my J Trust in the most high while I make my plays Chorus If I don’t love my life, It don’t mean Nuffin x2