Vocal typefemale
Vocal languageEnglish
Is explicitNo
Key signaturecMinor

I’ve been dropped and I’ve been bruised and I’ve been told Words that shouldn’t have been said to another soul And I’ve been stopped and I’ve been used and I’ve been thrown But I filled these cracks Up with gold Up with gold I sanded and I sealed I did everything to heal I worked to level the whole damn playing field But you can’t patch up those kinds of blows The cracks will always start to show And if they’re going to show Fill them with gold Fill them with gold And though I’ll never be the same There's a value that I gain When I fill my scars with gold I’m more beautiful For having been broke For having been broke I weld my pieces with hope And all the kindness I can hold And though I may be more cracked than most I’m still as good As good as gold As good as gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold