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Vocal typefemale
Vocal languageEnglish
Is explicitNo
Key signaturecMinor

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  • She A Bad One (Instrumental)


I just wanna day I'm a twerkaholic everyday I can pop it in the club I can pop it at the bank Back it up at the beach in a polka dot bikini Make it clap at the gym bend it over can see me I be I be tired cuz I run it like a track meet Taking pics cuz I always got a bad beat I'm going live on the gram in the back seat You don't wanna see me go You don't wanna test me She a bad one Why you mad son? Yeah she a bad one Sublime So fine I'm drippin like red wine Pour it up Why Because I want to baby that's why I live it up Sublime so fine I'm drippin like red wine Showin up showin showin our Back it up bounce Drop it Pop it Werk it Listen up Nah it ain't a drill B I'm about to kill it I'm about to slay thee Get ya man get ya dad get ya bro They thought that I was playing so I had to let em know Got my girls in the club Drank in my cup He said he a stack so I made him give it up Bounce it bounce it Pop it low Buss it open on the floor Make the booty work some more Make the booty work some more