SubgenresPop Rap
Vocal typemale
Vocal languageEnglish
Is explicitYes
Key signatureaMinor

Verse 1: Don’t under hype the calm demeanor Either somewhat raised to keep it safe Or combination to the jaw and features Rather be a Psalmist speaker Bare lying giants Be headed in the way of assery By capping for the social reaching Don’t call me brother if you don’t mean it It’s just seeming, you a seamstress Or a tailor, caught you weaving So misleading But it’s good to let the let the fashion show Our linen different My cut incision was made by a woman and the smokе Got a fire that’ll match for my kin folk Domesticated lovеr, cold wash em’ then ten fold That’s probably a thin load I’ve hardly had to scrap like a junk yard Rather play chicken then you jump hard Dumb car Really for the dapping, I’m too grown for the action He rated G for the gentleman Sever them looking dapper Live double O with the passion Bond over the villainy Rather point to peace Than bare arms over the enemy Chorus: I’ve been fighting This desire Got this lighting Got this fire Be the fighter Or inspire Just praying that my passion don’t fade out Just Praying that my passion don’t fade out Verse 2: I be reading people like a plain palm Open handed arrogance is napalmed Didn’t momma tell you if your comment ain’t of wealth Or of help Then keep ya dirty little comment to yo self? Oh that’s your thing ain’t it? Belittle people, claimin’ Christian So your veins tainted But you posture pose perfect Like prayer hands chained n’ Disdain brethren who art pivot Say grace & take bite out of popular art given Keep it real like a fisher line Thought it always fishy when the bait was just official lies I hate it when the fakin thrives Owning up to bullshit used to think it was of simple mind Til value of some friendships took A plummet cause their steak in pride I value loyalty & love don’t you minimize And rather show it via verbs that’s the big divide I got a lighting that’ll weather any storm & that’s on Thor I’m just praying that my heart don’t over pour Chorus