Oakland, California emcee Dom is one of the more passionate and energetic acts that we have in this time. You never know what you’re going to get when you turn on a track from Dom, but the minute you press play Dom’s emotion comes through every time. “My job is to use my gifts to serve and uplift others,” Dom says. Starting off as a poet at a young age, Dom brings all of that knowledge to the table when creating and then recording his music. It doesn’t stop with simply music for Dom though as he’s also running his own platform called “Mansion” fueled by collaboration and a wanting to build something special with his community. With a hefty discography already on his belt and a drive to serve others Dom will be a household name in no time. Dom’s journey through music was multi-layered and took place in stages. The California artist was raised on ol school R&B, Funk and Gospel, artists like Earth, Wind and Fire, Marvin Gaye, Mississippi Mass Choir and others. “I fell in love with arrangements and instruments; with bass lines and heartfelt lyrics,” Dom says. Middle school came along and the upstart began writing poetry, apparently at this point he hadn’t heard any rap songs. However once Dom entered high school and understood the power of hip-hop, he immediately locked himself and focused on refining his craft. Dom stresses though that he never left his love for poetry and instruments behind, just added hip-hop to his repertoire.  The minute you press play on any of Dom’s tracks you can still hear that love for poetry and instruments. All of his tracks have that poetic cadence to it and forces the listener to focus on his lyricism and how it's delivered. “My music is hope, it’s introspective and uplifting, it’s melodic and lyrical with a dash of not knowing what to expect,” Dom says. His smooth execution makes it incredibly easy to feel comfortable listening to Dom because he cares about the people listening to him. It’s not even remotely about fame or clout, Dom wants to leave an impact in your heart and soul that will remain there forever. Dom makes a point in saying that creating music is not his career, rather “I realize this is my purpose, let me pursue delivering this gift with the proper effort/energy,” he says. His appeal is undeniable as the emcee has performed up and down the California circuit. Opening for acts like GZA, Talib Kweli, 2 Chainz, Trip Lee and countless others. With a number of singles and projects under his belt, combined with a stunning collaboration with MC Jin, Dom is just gearing up. As we head toward 2023, Dom is excited about his plans for the future. “After so many years building in the shadows, I’m finally stepping out, singles, an EP, an LP and a couple of other surprises,” are on the way, says Dom.