The Outsider Collective is a team of web3-native creatives spanning the disciplines of art and music who have come together to build an ecosystem founded on the values of creativity, community and collaboration. The team came together as Loser Club holders and, as a result, have strong ties to the project. The first production that The Outsider Collective are launching is the first ever pfp community mixtape for the Loser Club. All music submissions have been a collaboration between Loser Club NFT holders even down to the mixing and mastering of the tape. The final track-list was voted on by the Loser community and founding artist J’von created the cover art. All contributors to the tape will receive an equal split of the primary and secondary sales on the final NFT produced and sold. The Outsider Collective are dedicated to enabling creatives within the web3 community and facilitating experiences that empower individuals to fulfill their creative potential. The ecosystem the team is building is one based on the principles of inclusivity and accessibility.