We're a traveling music duo & couple, involved in the Web3, creator & wellness spaces. We believe in a world where a kid can tell their parents, "I want to be a musician, artist or creator," & there's a viable path to that. We were formed in 2019 in Miami, after we fell in love and started creating in our home studio. We feel that we are all in this human experience together, so let's dance :) Karma, born in Vancouver, raised in Hawaii & Miami, comes from a musical family, having learned to play the drums at age 3, followed by guitar, singing & piano. In 2012, he first discovered Ableton and that took him down the rabbit hole, which he re-surfaced from as a producer, singer/ songwriter, sound engineer & DJ. 
 Violetta (Vee-oh-letta), born in Germany, raised in Russia & the States, learned to play the piano & guitar at a young age. She’s been singing her whole life & started songwriting in 2017, which also led her into co-producing & DJ'ing. We got into Web3 via Karma.wav red-pilling Violetta at NFT NYC in Nov 2021. During that trip, we met up with the Songcamp fam IRL & had our first studio session together. We are now both a part of their most recent camp of 77 members, Camp Chaos, the headless band. Right around that same time we started wavWRLD, through which we are building infrastructure to enable unique musical experiences that connect artists with their true fans.