Charm Taylor


About the Artist: ARTIST STATEMENT Queen Charm Taylor —-Olútító Amoná Koní, deep delta roots, St. Louis born, New Orleans living liberationist & pollinator is generating new music and art as movement in the throes of social revolution, emergent motherhood, and a global yearning for a better world. Charm is a multidisciplinary artist, creative curator, builder, and advocate. Most recently Charm led curation and programming at the Essence Festival Tech Summit.. Charm believes in the transformative power of art and cultural activism. Charm Taylor has presented works at Essence Festival, Art Basel Welcome to the AfroFuture, Southern Sonic Festival, Luna Fètê, New Orleans African American Museum, New Orleans Museum of Art, Art for Amnesty, EthDenver, Jazz and Heritage Foundation, Pop Montreal, Focus Wales, NFTs = ART, NFT NYC, Contemporary Arts Center, Antennae Gallery, Alternate Roots, The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, and more. A current “Artists at Work” fellow in residence and creator of "The Road Within EP" & “She is the Future”, Charm is a creative powerhouse aligning art, music, education and new technology for impact.